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Volunteer Success Program

Volunteers bring diverse experiences and new perspectives into an organization. The challenge lies in making the message age-appropriate.  Like any personal or professional commitment, reliability is critical. Above all, volunteers should display a high level of integrity.

Because of young children’s ability to be candid, volunteers must be able to handle potentially sensitive questions. Many of the youth deal with inconsistency throughout their lives, therefore it is extremely important to be committed and loyal.

Community Partners understands the role of a volunteer can be crucial in the development of a child, therefore, high expectations are set, such as:

A.)  Desire to work with young people

B.)  Ability to relate to the youth

C.)  Highly adaptable

D.)  Well organized

E.)  High energy level

F.)  Enthusiasm

Special skills are also necessary when working with older students (middle and/or high school) because during these years, they are very impressionable and seek guidance.

These skills include:

A.)  Ability to motivate and lead young people

B.)  Maturity to control and command respect

C.)  Business experience and knowledge

D.)  Job and/or parenting experience

Volunteers will assist the staff in carrying out the mission of Community Partners.