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Hand-in-Hand Mentoring Program



While the youth of struggles with multiple difficulties, four major problem areas have been identified: Alcohol/drug abuse, teen pregnancy, educational failure and gang violence.  Hand-in-Hand Mentoring Program was created to address these challenges because mentoring has proven to be effective in turning around at-risk youth. The administration is committed to mentoring, not as a panacea for youth’s problems but as a logical, cost effective method of assisting today’s at-risk youth in becoming productive, contributing members of their community.

Program Purpose

In January 1999, Community Partners introduced the Hand-in-Hand Mentoring Program. Designed to pair youths in the community with positive adult role models, the Program provides enrichment opportunities for these young people, with particular emphasis on social, cultural and educational experiences. Community Partners will coordinate, supervise, and support all aspects of the program including the following; mentor/mentee recruitment, program orientation and training, program evaluation, and participant support, recognition and retention. Hand-in-Hand is also important because it brings together youth, their families, and caring adults in a consistently positive context.

Program Philosophy and Goals

-Provide youth with positive adult role models, mentors and friends sensitive to their problems and needs;

-Afford youth the benefits of consistency with trusted adults;

-Increase young people’s exposure to a variety of social, educational, and cultural activities;

-Emphasize the value of learning and providing academic support;

-Improve motivation and achievement regarding school, work, and the future.

Additional Program Activities

Every 6-8 weeks, Community Partners holds events in which all mentors and mentees are invited. These events include outings such as ice-skating, museum visits, and trips to basketball games. Approximately four times a year, Community Partners schedules and hosts orientations for new mentors, mentees and their families. Throughout the year, training sessions will be conducted to help mentors and mentees gain a better understanding of each other. Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions.