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All Aboard Reading Program



All Aboard Reading Program ( AARP) is a complimentary program to Educare. It is designed specifically for elementary students in grades K-4. The goal is to assist in the preparation for the fourth grade proficiency test with emphasis on reading readiness.

Scope and Sequence

The All Aboard Reading Program consists of five progressive levels. The emphasis at Levels 1 and 2 is decoding words with oral preparation for reading comprehension and creativity; Level 3, reading comprehension and sentence writing; Level 4, spelling, language skills (including grammar and punctuation) and creative writing, with continued emphasis on comprehension through wide reading in children’s literature; and Level 5, advanced language arts skills.

Provisions for Student Evaluation

The program is characterized by continuous testing at the end of each level to ascertain whether the children have met the stated objectives. Students in the programmed instruction take self-tests after each lesson and a teacher corrected test at the end of each unit.