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Rising Star Scholastic/Sport Camp

Providing opportunities for our community’s youth is a key part of Community Partners’ mission. Our commitment to youth is visible as we continually search for ways to include youth, especially those that might not become involved without extra effort.

The Rising Star Scholastic/Sport Camp is comprised of two components functioning concurrently to improving the fundamental knowledge of the game of basketball. It is also a “tutorial” camp that emphasizes preparation for the Ninth Grade Proficiency test (all areas). Students are allowed to select which areas they need assistance. Professional teachers and tutors will volunteer their services. Experienced coaches are also available for the sports activities.

The camp will give participants an opportunity to improve their individual skills, on the court and in the classroom. The camp staff will continually emphasize the importance of having a positive attitude and the value of hard work.


All campers will receive a notebook filled with drills and motivational materials.

Individual player evaluation forms and camp certificates will be given to all campers.

Backpacks, pads and pencils will be distributed to each camper to assist in their classroom assignments.