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Community Partners is devoted to arts education for children and the community as a whole. 

As an emerging performing arts program, the faculty, staff, and administration of the Community Partners Outlet PAC have the distinct opportunity to train, educate, and nurture today’s young talent to become tomorrow’s artists.  The school has an environment where creativity and imagination are evidenced daily in the classroom, rehearsals, and performances.  Participants team with faculty, parents, professional artists, and community members to develop, perfect, and practice their craft in artistic experiences, uncommon to any regular program setting.  Students’ success is founded on commitment and discipline applied to the artistic program, and success is enhanced by the organization’s rich diversity and understanding of the creative spirit.


The Outlet Performing Arts Program began in 2013 with Harvey Shephard and Lenay Nichols who were interested in music, dancing, and acting.  

A volunteer staff made up of parents, former participants and caring community members who believe in the program provide leadership to the youth who attend rehearsals during non-school hours.

Mission Statement

The Outlet is a community-based organization dedicated to developing and nurturing the spiritual, social and creative gifts of youth through the arts.


1. To provide a caring environment in which to mentor and support youth.

2. To provide a safe environment for youth fellowship.

3. To provide an opportunity for youth to develop musical, theatrical and visual arts skills.

4. To provide a benefit to the community through cultural enrichment.

5. To provide outreach to the community through family theatre

With innovative outreach programs, Community Partners will bring the arts to children in schools, as well as taking children to concerts, studios, plays, museums, and galleries.  The Outlet PAC  is designed to enhance the awareness of both the performing and fine arts. 

The Outlet also conducts workshops, which include an arts career/occupational focused discussion introducing the participants to the arts.  Participants will meet and learn directly from successfully professional musicians, producers, artists, and consultants who will assist in mentoring of participants from a variety of arts related careers.


1.  To assist young people in obtaining equitable access to careers and opportunities in the performing and fine arts where they are underrepresented.

2.  To introduce young people the variety of occupations and careers available.  (i.e. Music Entertainment, Fine Arts, Fashion Apparel and Surface Design.

3.  To provide participants with a general understanding of the T-shirt apparel industry by allowing them the opportunity to produce a quality garment with their own original art.

4. To introduce the basics of entrepreneurship through their art and provide counseling and information about further education, training, mentoring, and financial aid that might support their career goals and expectations.

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