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Esteem Builders

Realizing the effects that self-acceptance and confidence has on child development, Community Partners believes that personal awareness and esteem building are vital components in developing today’s youth.

The purpose of this program is to educate and support young people by providing positive and practical information that will assist them in strengthening many areas of their lives. The staff develops strategies that will aid young people in building financially, physically and emotionally sound lives.

We teach the importance of self-awareness, self-determination, unity and cooperative economics. We emphasize the importance of purpose and expression through creativity. Our workshops encourage participants to develop a positive self-image. The importance of good communication skills and a productive attitude is stressed. We teach social and business etiquette along with assertiveness skills to enhance productivity and career advancement.

Topics include:

                                      Self-Esteem                                    Hygiene

                                      Stress Management                        Values 

                                      Conflict Resolution                         Communication


Participants will work on self-discovery and self-evaluation through specialized exercises. We teach practical strategies, which can advance participants in the areas of education, career, family, and personal goals.