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Young Investor Club



The Young Investor Club is a complementary program to the Young Entrepreneur Club.

It is designed to educate and assist youth with investment opportunities. The students will attend classroom sessions and learn the fundamentals of investing. Professional investors from different areas of expertise will attend these sessions and provide specific information pertaining to their industry. They will explore different types of investments such as:

A.) Stocks and bonds

B.) Mutual funds

C.) Money market accounts

D.) Individual retirements accounts (IRA)

E.) 401(K) plans

During the nine months of classroom sessions, students will begin to save money. Upon successful completion of this program, Community Partners will match their funds, with a maximum of 1,000 dollars. Professional investors will assist the students in their investing endeavors to lower their financial risks. As students continue investing, their role will then be to assist the next YIC group.

The Young Investor Club is modeled on the following philosophy:

10 Step Declaration of Financial Empowerment

From this day forward, I declare my vigilant and lifelong commitment to financial empowerment. I pledge the following:


To save or invest 10% - 15% of my after-tax income.

To become an informed investor.

To be a disciplined and knowledgeable consumer.

To measure my personal worth by net worth, not income.

To engage in sound budget, credit and tax management practices.

To introduce sound business and financial principles to my family.

To use a portion of my personal wealth to strengthen my community.

To support the creation and growth of profitable youth owned businesses.

To maximize my earning power through career development, technological literacy

and professional excellence.


To develop a plan that ensures my wealth is passed on to future generations.