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Young Entrepreneurs Club




The Young Entrepreneurs Club involves Community Partners staff, youth, local residents and volunteers from the business community uniting with collaborative members to provide every low-income or at-risk young person with the knowledge, skills and resources to pursue higher education/training, economic self-sufficiency and social justice.

Our vision was formulated from research, community strategies and personal experiences dealing with income vs. wealth. Income is defined as inflows of resources in a period, and assets are defined as resources moved through time. Assets beget assets, so the poor, because they start with low assets, little financial education and few financial advisors, tend to stay poor.

Community Partners will offer a series of workshops called Youth Financial Education Training to teach financial responsibility and asset building. Youth ages 13 to 24 will be recruited from targeted low-income neighborhoods.  These training sessions will consist of topics related to small business startup presented by staff, youth trainers, invited business and financial experts. After completion of the workshop training participants will be eligible to apply for YEC-stipend/awards ranging from $50.00 to $1000.00 to help open a small business. All youth and their parent/guardian, receiving a stipend, will sign written terms with Community Partners.

The Young Entrepreneurs Club educates and inspires young people to value business, economics and free enterprise as a means to enhance the community and improve their quality of life.

Program Design

This program is for youth between thirteen and twenty-four who are interested in learning to run their own businesses. The program is designed to involve children and parents in the fabric of local business and to help children build self-confidence, learn about business ethics, and participate in delivering a service to their community.

Program Benefits

The YEC provides a means for students to explore entrepreneurship as a career option. The program will help students achieve economic independence, gain greater control over their lives, and contribute to their communities. It includes both a classroom and hands-on component. It provides students with basic knowledge and, under the instruction of qualified staff, students will start and run their own business.